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Estimated Time: Three Months

Difficulty: Level One


Mathematics is the science that deals with Yahweh’s universal laws and form according to which things must behave as real beings whether spiritual or material. Students will have so much fun learning that life is mathematics and mathematics is life. Yahweh’s Divine Mathematics is the study of numbers, geometric shapes, patterns, and counting. It includes weights and measures, equalities, telling time, algebra, and daily economics. Did you know? 
1 apple seed +1 apple seed= 2 apple trees = apple industry


Deborah Israel

YVU Level One Math Teacher

Deborah Ezraella Israel became a teacher at the prestigious Yahweh University in Miami, a Yahweh Physician Midwife Nurse (YPMN) with a focus on Herbal Medications, and a Seamstress for other Hebrew Israelites. Her secular certifications include a B.S. in Teaching English/ Language Arts for Middle and High School, Minor in Counseling Psychology, licensure as a Level 3 Childcare Director, Parent Educator for Head Start Literacy Programs, Job Readiness Trainer, Family History Researcher, and most recently, earned a Master’s in Educational Technology. In addition to this, she is the proud mother of five children and ten grandchildren.

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