Gold Tuition Package

Your student will have access to all online courses that are available such as Yahweh Mathematics, Hebrew Israelite History, Reading, and much more…They will also have live online Foundation Knowledge classes.

Get All Available Online Courses

per month

Here are the benefits of our Gold Tuition Package:

Daily homework 

Attendance Certificates

Flexible self-paced learning  

Monthly Homeschool Newsletters

A minimum of one live class per week 

Structured learning paths for your students

Live foundation knowledge inculcation sessions

Free access to download worksheets during online classes 

Students can perform live at our High Holy feasts with schoolmates

Family Discount (You must already be paying full price for one child)

per month

This family plan is strictly for siblings. Here are the requirements:

An existing sibling is already enrolled and paying full price

Siblings must share the same mother or father

An enrollment form has been filled out

The student has received an ID card

The student has received an email

All requirements must be met before paying for this family plan. If all requirements are not met the student’s enrollment will be revoked and a new tuition plan will need to be submitted.