In today’s society we as a people have been brainwashed into abdicating the responsibility of educating our own children to other people. When we abdicate our rights to other people, it is total destruction.

The enemies of YAHWEH have taken prayer and the Bible out of the schools and have assumed the role as the creator, thereby raising a generation of “rebels.” These schools are run by the state, allowing no possible way to introduce YAHWEH and His superior laws. No knowledge of YAHWEH laws creates an atmosphere of lawless people.

Children of this country are taught by people with a Luciferian philosophy and mindset, causing our children to come out of school with inferior ideas and concepts of individualism. This is all because the enemies of YAHWEH are in charge of this nation. If the people in charge of education were friends of YAHWEH, then the educational system would be godly.

The state is godless. It has no god in it and becomes god over you. The state is anti-Christ, yet supposedly walks in the belief of Christ. The state has power over the Christian god but at the same time says it is separate. Ethics is a law of YAHWEH. The state does not teach ethics. In fact, God is separated from the state.

When we leave the education of our children up to another nation, they turn into stubborn and rebellious sons (Deuteronomy 21:18-21). They are programmed to be stubborn to their God and own kind. They are taught not to be free men but “beasts of burden,” unable to think and be creative. They are taught only to build under the master’s direction.

When our children become stubborn and rebellious, they make our enemies rich and YAHWEH is not among them.

The descendants of Titus who came against us in our own country Jerusalem in 70 A.D. are in charge of education today, using the force of arms to rule over the children of YAHWEH. Our children who innately know the best, have been taught to be the best “rebel” against YAHWEH. Those in churches have been taught to hate all that YAHWEH represents (Isaiah 5:20). They have been programmed to love darkness (John 3:19). Only YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH’s servants love the light and being brought into the light (Revelation 21:23-25).

Education from the enemies of YAHWEH is about conforming to Satanic behavior. Learning is not about learning but getting a grade to pass. Our children have become victims of darkness (John 8:44). Those who are the best in the educational field become Masters of Darkness (M.S.) and Philosophers of Darkness (Ph. D.). Our best educators have been tricked to be diametrically opposed to YAHWEH’S laws. They do not teach our children virtue, morality, good, management, honesty, nor how to budget or manage a family.

It is against the state’s laws to have a Bible in the public school, knowing that the Bible is the “Good Book.” Instead of Biblical teachings of  good, children are given the teachings of “dinosaurs,” The Big Bang Theory,” “Halloween,” “Christmas,” and “Happy New Year.” No child in the schools of today is learning how to be good or do good. If so, only 10% come out good by way of their parents or church affiliations. The dilemma for our people is when our children do not want to be in a good moral school, yet drop out from public school.

Our children are taught pseudo (false) hope without real substance in learning self-sufficiency, creative thought and becoming business owners. Yet they come out of college inferior, having negative connotations and lack of confidence regarding self. By not teaching our own children, we place them in the hands of people who have a vested interest in cutting them and us off from the knowledge of what will give us hope.

As a people we ask the question, “What is wrong with our children?” When we look at the fact that their education has been left up to another nation, they begin to think like that nation; they begin to speak and act like that nation; they look to die and defend that nation. They pay allegiance and believe in that nation. You must come to realize that your children have been educated away from you and given over to the state, drugs, crime, theft, robbery, etc.

When we return to YAHWEH, we learn that it is the duty and responsibility of parents to teach their own children. We gain control of our children and they trust in us as parents. They have a sense of well-being and we assure them as all other nations assure their children. The laws of YAHWEH pertaining to our family customs teach that the father has authority over his family (Genesis 18:19, 14:14). The laws of this society are contrary to the laws of YAHWEH. (Proverbs 23:13-14).

When we return to YAHWEH we began to write our own books and dictate our own curriculum. We regain the control of our own children and direct their socialization process. YAHWEH VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY’S curriculum is designed to change what has been done by this society and it starts with knowing what to teach our own children, which is YAHWEH’s perfect laws, statutes, judgments, and commandments (Deuteronomy 6:5-10).


  1. Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s educational philosophy and teaching methodology assure “mastery for life.”
  2. Students are grouped by ability, not age.
  3. There is no first, second, or third grade. There is no “fail” we simply keep learning till we are perfect.
  4. The word “level” is used to indicate grade-level materials that can be used as academic references.
  5. Neither A, B, C, D, F nor sad faces are to be used. Happy faces, checks, and encouragement are to be used.
  6. After the current level, knowledge should be reviewed and continued to the next level. All students must demonstrate proficiency in understanding the information presented.
  7. Students memorize the working definition and glossaries for each subject.
  8. Use music, drumming, and beats while memorizing.
  9. After the working definition and glossary, students learn the “meat” of the subject (2nd Timothy 2:15).

Step 1: 
Memorize the definition of “Biology;”

Step 2: Recite “Biology Terminology”

Step 3: Study Creation of Animals and Mankind (Gen. 1:20-31)

Step 4: List and study clean and unclean animals, dietary restrictions, laws of cleansing, etc.