Schools, Colleges, Universities and learning institutions seek accreditation from agencies such as (CIHE) or (MSCHE) etc. to establish credibility and strong reputations. These agencies will validate a school’s credentials by certifying that they meet certain criteria. Accreditation is a review process to determine if educational programs meet defined standards of quality according to the U.S. Department of Education. In the United States, accreditation through the U.S Department of Education is decentralized and voluntary. Many non-profit organizations and non-governmental institutions set their own standards for education


Yahweh Virtual University is designed for all good and moral people intending to homeschool their children through Yahweh’s righteous standards with our assistance. We are an accredited school but not through the traditional method of accreditation set forth by this world. Yahweh Virtual University is an original organization developed and built on the teachings of Yahweh Ben Yahweh. We know that God Yahweh Himself is the only one qualified to properly validate and set forth the proper criteria, certifications, and credits of our school. We acknowledge and only seek the approval of the mighty God Yahweh. Our students are certified by the information attained of His Holy knowledge.  This is not an innovative approach to accreditation but in fact our way of life. Our student’s successes is imminent because in the University of Yahweh it is impossible to fail. Therefore, anyone with the willingness to learn will have access to subjects at almost any level. God Yahweh demands a strict and disciplined accreditation process based on the scriptures which are found in the Holy Bible. We humbly obeyed these standards and built the foundation of our school on the procedures set for by the one true God Yahweh.


It is not important to colleges how you are accredited. However, if you choose to transfer your student to a public or private school, that school may require a placement test to determine the student’s grade placement or credits according to their standards. It is up to each public or private school’s policies whether or not they will accept any credits completed while homeschooling.