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Please note: Our online school is still being built. We are a small team and we are currently working hard to build more levels for older students and adults.

However, we can still help you with your homeschool journey through our free Saturday fun classes and our curriculum outline. We thank you for your support and patients. Praise Yahweh forever!

Preparing For Enrollment: Please Read This Entire Page Before Enrolling Your Student.

1. Parent/Legal Guardian must be actively involved in student’s learning progress.
2. Parent/Legal Guardian must keep track of student’s attendance.
3. Parent/Legal Guardian must have reliable internet service.
4. A clear photo of the student must be submitted below along with filling out an enrollment form. (This step is necessary for the proper completion of your student ID.)
5. If the student will be supervised by someone other than the parent while in class such as a family member or a teacher assistant, a Parental Consent Form must be filled out by the parent/legal guardian. Please fill out this form HERE.

1. Students should have a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone to attend classes online.
2. Online students must be available weekly to meet with their teachers and review information. (This is important for evaluation purposes.)
3. If you have more than one child that you would like to enroll, you would need to enroll each child individually. You may also qualify for a family discount once you are paying full-price for one child. 
If your child is 6 years of age or older and has attended public school, a letter of intent to homeschool must be mailed to the superintendent of your student’s school district. If this letter of intent has not been filled out please do so HERE (If your child has NEVER attended public school you do NOT need to complete the letter of intent form.)

1. Parent/Legal Guardian please read the YVU Parent-Teacher Handbook. This book is crucial for operating a successful homeschool. This book will only be available for purchase once you have successfully enrolled your student into Yahweh Virtual University.
2. If you are enrolling yourself and you are 18 years or older please read the YVU Student Handbook. This book is crucial for your success. This book will only be available for purchase once you have successfully enrolled yourself into Yahweh Virtual University.
3. We recommend that you have a printer in your house or have quick access to one.
4. We recommend that students complete their classes on a laptop or desktop for proper comfort and access of information. 
5. We recommend that you purchase a anti blue light screen protector, to protect student’s eyes while taking classes online.

It is totally up to the parent to decide what level to enroll their students in. Yahweh Virtual University can support you and your student through our curriculum outline program and our online school program. If you would like to purchase our curriculum outline for a one-time price of $150.00 (WITHOUT benefits) please click HERE and there is no need to proceed.

If you would like to purchase our curriculum outline for a low monthly rate of $50.00 (WITH benefits) such as:
-A YVU Student email
-A YVU Student ID card
-Student attendance record keeping support and more…

If your student is registering for online school or signing up for our curriculum outline program (WITH benefits) please proceed by uploading your student ID photo and filling out an enrollment form below.

IMPORTANT. Your student must be in front of a solid color wall or background.

Please note: A student photo must be submitted. Below are a few examples of what your student photo should look like. Pictures from a phone or tablet are acceptable. Be sure the background is ONE color. You will be able to upload your student photo once you click the “Enroll Your Student” button below.

By uploading your students photo, you are giving Yahweh Virtual University the permission to use your student’s photo for promotional purposes.

All parents/legal guardians please click the button below to upload your student photo and fill out an enrollment form.

We are not accepting students for online school at this time we are a small team and we are currently building more levels for our older students and adults. We hope to be open soon. Please register for our free Saturday fun classes or purchase our curriculum outline.