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Estimated Time: Three Months

Difficulty: Level One

This course explores the scriptural history of so-called African Americans, the study of major nations and their landmark, map skills, and key historical Bible figures of our past and current events.


Yerusha Sarah Yisrael

YVU Level One History Teacher

My name is Yerusha Sarah Yisrael I was born and raised in the knowledge of Yahweh. I know that Yahweh has given me the urge and responsibility to fulfill this great work and I am so honored to continue to rescue our future and all good people of the world. I grew up with my six brothers and sisters and performed yearly at Yahweh’s three high holy feasts. I dedicated my life to the glorification of Yahweh through song, dance, presentations, skits, plays, and much more… I do not take lightly this calling that Yahweh has bestowed upon me. Yahweh will get his desired effect and I will continue to be his humble servant…

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