YVU live class schedule instructions

Monday through Friday Level 1 and 2 students will have live online classes. live classes will alternate such as Yahweh Mathematics and Hebrew Israelite History one week, then Reading and Health the following week. Be sure to pay close attention to the time each class starts, the day, and the level so that your students are fully prepared for their live online classes. 

Every Friday there is a live review, be sure to pay close attention to whether it is the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th Friday of the month. This will determine whether your student will have a live review of Yahweh Mathematics and Hebrew Israelite History, or Reading and Health.  

Live Foundation Knowledge classes are Thursdays and Fridays. Make sure you check the ages so that your student attends the correct class. 

Remember this schedule is just for live classes. If you would like your students to learn additional subjects such as Science, Art, Technology, etc. you can purchase our curriculum outline for a one-time price of $150.00 HERE. Once your student is taking additional subjects be sure to work your new subjects around the live class schedule. Please reference the live class schedule below and click the correct room at the right time so you or your students can begin their live class.

1. Make sure you download the live class schedule.
2. Please download the “Teams” app on the device you will be taking live classes.
3. Sign into “Teams” using your YVU student email and password that was sent in your welcome package.
4. If you are in need of assistance please call (850) 813-9494 Mon-Thur 9 am-1 pm EST.
5. you can also email [email protected]