Curriculum Outline With Benefits Level 4-6 (ages 10-12)

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Curriculum Outline with Benefits

per month for 12 total payments
1 year of access

YVU subjects are infused with guiding scriptures to help embed the Holy Bible’s virtues within our students’ lives.

Parents will get a detailed outline of seven or more subjects and several resources to teach their students at home.

Students will receive certificates for successfully completing subject levels.

Parents will have the power to customize a learning path for their students.

Parents and students can access all level 4-6 subjects at any time.

Students will enjoy learning at their own pace.

Below is an example of some of the subjects parents will receive:

-Hebrew Israelite History

-Yahweh Mathematics






After 1-year parents can decide whether to enroll their students in a higher level or purchase the same plan again.

Before purchasing a package please make sure you fill out an enrollment form HERE so your student(s) will receive a student ID, student email, and much more…

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