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Rescuing our Future

In today’s society we as a people have been brainwashed into abdicating the responsibility of educating our own children to another people. Because we have abdicated our rights to other people, we have been totally destroyed.

Meet some of YVU teacher's

Queen Deborah head shot

Deborah Yisrael

Director of Curriculum & level one math teacher

Deborah Ezraella’ Israel has been a dedicated disciple of Yahweh Ben Yahweh in the Nation of YHWH since 1982. Later, she became a teacher at the prestigious Yahweh University in Miami.

Yowkebed original pic

Yowkebed Yisrael

Secretary & level one reading teacher

In the year 1985, I was blessed to have received the word of יהוה. I moved to Miami to be a part of the wonderful works of יהוה בּן יהוה. I have 7 children all of whom I taught from infancy to high school.

Tsbiyah Yisrael

Director of Counsel & level one health teacher

I was a teacher at the University of Yahweh and mainly worked with the pre-primary age group. Yahweh has blessed me to have 8 children for him. Today I am a certified herbalist and a promoter of the dietary laws of Yahweh.

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